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Aerosol Machinery - Aerosol Technology

Our offer includes aerosol machines and devices composed of several component segments.
Below you can find basic classification based on production capacity:

  1. Semi-automatic / laboratory lines
  2. Stand-alone automatic filling modules (BASIC)
  3. Automatic filling lines with capacity of up to 30 pcs/min
  4. Automatic filling lines with capacity of up to 60 pcs/min
  5. Automatic filling lines with capacity of up to 120 pcs/min
  6. Automatic filling lines with capacity of over 120 pcs/min – ZIGMAT

Based on an aerosol product type:

  1. Cosmetic aerosols
  2. Technical chemicals and household chemicals
  3. Aerosol paints
  4. PU foam in aerosol can
  5. Mini spray air refresheners in cans of 22 mm and 25 mm diameter
  6. Pharmaceutical aerosols with full validation documentation performed in accordance with GMP standards

Each line is configured according to the order, depending on the capacity, degree of automation, types of components, product types, etc. We offer full range of equipment being part of the automatic aerosol filling lines. Our qualified team with vast experience in the industry will be glad to advise you on which solution would be the best for you.

Please take a look at materials presented in the AEROSOL section.

At any time, you may send us a completed questionnaire inquiry available in the CONTACT section. Accordingly, we will prepare the best offer for you.


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